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Lancaster City Council.  News, events, photos, information, resources and links.
Lancaster Museum for the facts, directions, maps, or download Pictures.
Lancashire Museum for the facts, directions, maps, or download Pictures.
Lancaster University, a top 10 UK University.
Univerity of Cumbria, another top UK University with Campus in Lancaster.
Lancaster Seventh-Day Adventist Church and activities.


National website of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  News, events, photos, information, resources and links.
Find an Adventist Church in the UK & Ireland.  Get details, directions, maps, or download POI to your Sat Nav.
Irish Misison covering churches and activities in both the North and the Republic of Ireland.
North England Conference From Northampton to Carlisle and Newcastle, this is the website covering Adventist Churches in the North of England.
Scottish Mission  Website run by the youth of the Adventist Church in Scotland.
South England Conference  Website covering Adventist churches from the Wash down to Cornwall including the London area.
Welsh Mission
Website of the Adventist church in Wales.

ADRA-UK - Adventist Development and Relief Agency
ASI-UK - Association of Adventist Buisness People
Hope TV - A Christian channel with lots of positive content
Newbold College - Higher learning institution for Northern Europe


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Hope Sabbath School Bible Study: Enjoy Pastor Derek Morris discuss the Sabbath School Lesson via Hope Sabbath School as it is very educating.

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